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[movies]大阪ゲームショウ 2009 - MBSテレビ

Keywords: video games; レトロゲーム
Downloads: 198
[movies]2012 Vidya Gaem Awards (/v/GAs) - Various
A quarter of the way into 2013, the 2012 /v/GAs were finally finished, streamed and now uploaded. There are way too many people to thank personally in this description, but it couldn't have been done without all our voice actors, skit submitters and behind-the-scenes crew. Check out the credits page on the website for the full details, and the winners page if you don't feel like watching over 90 minutes of this shit just to see who won the actual awards.http://2012.vidyagaemawards.comhttp://2012...
Keywords: video games
Downloads: 518
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 2 - Girls - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
This episode is interspersed with interviews of females displaying their knowledge and opinions of games and gaming terminology. After learning that Kyle had a girlfriend, Jeremy is challenged to prove that he can also attract women. He attempts to attract them with various techniques, which usually have something to do with gaming skills and strategies. After a misunderstanding with a homosexual guy, he makes one last try and leaves...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Girls
Downloads: 685
[movies]デジタルビデオプレス Vol.1
ニコニコから転送 '88年制作のゲームビデオマガジン。レンタル専売だった気がします。一部映像が乱れますが、古いものですので・・・。映像資料としてご覧ください。後編はsm316218です。 '88年制作のゲームビデオマガジン。'88年AMショーの映像が結構貴重かも。懐かしい筐体も出てきます。前編はsm314549へどうぞ...
Keywords: ゲーム; ファミコン; メガドライブ; アーケード; AC; デジタルビデオプレス; PCエンジン; ゲームの歴史リンク; ゲーム集; 昭和; Digital Video Press; video games
Downloads: 73
[movies]デジタルビデオプレス Vol.2
ニコニコから転送 '89年制作のゲームビデオマガジン。'89AOUショーの映像もあります。中でも、お蔵入りとなった「急降下爆撃隊」の映像は貴重ではないでしょうか?後編はsm319211へどうぞ。 '89年制作のゲームビデオマガジン。糸井重里氏が初代MOTHERについて話しています。このビデオ、Vol.3が存在するのかは不明...
Keywords: ゲーム; アーケード; ファミコン; 急降下爆撃隊; AC; デジタルビデオプレス; ゲームの歴史リンク; FC; PCエンジン; 埋蔵金; 山田康夫; Digital Video Press; video games
Downloads: 68
[movies]Penny Arcade Expo 2007 Footage - Jason Scott
The Penny Arcade Expo 2007 was the fourth Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and the first to be held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. By some measures, it was the year it became the largest gamer-focused convention, filling over 130,000 square feet of space with exhibits, lectures, musical concerts and gaming rooms. It was held August 24-27. This is a collection of footage shot by Jason Scott with a newly acquired HD handheld camera (a Canon HV-20) of various PAX-related events and att...
Keywords: Penny Arcade Expo; MC Frontalot; Jonathan Coulton; LAN Party; Cosplay; Convention; Video Games
Downloads: 765
[movies]The 2011 Vidya Gaem Awards (/v/GAs) - Various
NOTICE: I have permission from one of the people that helped out last year's /v/GAs to upload this and further to license it under CC BY-SA. _____________________________________________ After almost ten weeks of planning, organizing, coding, voting, video editing, writing, and voice acting, the 2011 /v/idya Gaem Award ceremony is finally complete. Hosted by Duke, the 100 minute ceremony also features Nyanners acting as announcer...
Keywords: awards; video games; 2011; vga
Downloads: 1,588
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 5 - M8s - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
Jeremy "graciously" lets Kyle show a short film he made in film school, titled "Strong Man, Angry Man". After viewing the short film, Jeremy laughs and sarcastically mentions to Kyle that the film was "pretty good". Next, Jeremy insults Kyle’s camera skills, and claims that Kyle’s films will never pwn. They end up having an argument, causing Kyle to depart with his camera. He decides to start filming Doug instead, but Doug loses to a noob, due to lag, and develops a tantrum...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; friends; mates; lag
Downloads: 807
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 7 - MMO Grrl - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
Jeremy has been admitted to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in a comatose state, believing himself to still be in the game (WoW). He has flashbacks of his experience playing WoW with Anastasia. Jeremy has a gaming-related epiphany and awakes from the coma. At the end, the Pure Pwnage friends innocently hold a barbecue, and all seems well. However, a mysterious man, who has been secretly following Jeremy throughout the series, sends a troubling e-mail, ordering an unnamed receiver to s...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; World of Warcraft
Downloads: 585
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 1 - The Life of a Pro Gamer - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
The first episode of Pure Pwnage, introducing Jeremy and Kyle. Jeremy explains why he is making this show, and how he lives. By making this show, he believes that he can help any given person be more like him, and less of a "noob". After this introduction, Jeremy visits an Internet forum and replies to posts he sees as unreasonable, or foolish. After going out for a meal, he comments on a "Free Tibet" protest, using RTS terminology...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Skills; Ownage; noob
Downloads: 1,614
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 10 - The Story of Dave - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
Jeremy begins the show with a homage to Strong Bad E-Mails from the Homestar Runner Internet series. Jeremy and Kyle have moved out of their mother's house, and are living in their own Spartan apartment. Jeremy has been unable to play video games, due to the lack of a powerful PC or a television for console gaming. Instead, Jeremy focuses on improving his RL skills, such as cooking and holding a job, though he fails at each endeavour...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Strong Bad; Homestar Runner; MySpace
Downloads: 598
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 6 - Imapwnu of Azeroth - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
Jeremy's computer has been confiscated by his mother, so he has intentions to spend the night playing CS:S at Dave's place. However, Kyle wants him to meet up with a girl named Anastasia before going to Dave's. Once he meets her, he realizes that she is the girl who kissed him in Episode 2, only nobody believed him at the time. After their second encounter, Jeremy has a strong desire to see Anastasia again...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; World of Warcraft; CS:S
Downloads: 760
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 8 - Lanageddon - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
Jeremy and Doug have started to play video games together again, just like they did before their feud. Jeremy receives an ominous phone call, foreshadowing events to come. Faced with the approach of LANageddon, Jeremy and Doug teach each other about their respective mastered game genres: Jeremy instructs Doug about RTS games while Doug returns the favour by informing Jeremy about FPS games. Eventually, they arrive at LANageddon where they sign up for the CS:S tournament...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; World of Warcraft; Lanageddon
Downloads: 875
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 12 - "Game Over" - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
Things are going well in the lives of Jeremy and Kyle. The two are even invited by local TV station executives to discuss the possibility of bringing the Pure Pwnage show to television. Jeremy, much to Kyle’s dismay, quickly ruins the proposition by taunting the TV executives and getting dismissed. The two then go to visit Anastasia. Along the way, a little dog begins to follow them. Anastasia greets the two at her door, and, seeing Jeremy in his suit from his earlier meeting with the TV execu...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; TV executives; Big Bad; Power Glove
Downloads: 993
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 17 – "Just the Guys - Part 1" - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
The episode opens with a short parody of Zero Punctuation called "Zero Coordination - on the n00b effect." The real episode begins with Doug and Dave mysteriously negotiating. Shifting one week back to Sunday where Jeremy and Dave are playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Dave's student sits and watches. Jeremy mentions that Teh_Masterer has created an 'Exchange Program' where pros come over and are assigned to uber-pros, with the purpose of becoming a better gamer, or "more pro," in Jeremy's own wor...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Call of Duty 4; Zero Punctuation
Downloads: 722
[movies]NES Rockman by Shinryuu & FinalFighter in 12:23.34 This is a tool-assisted speedrun.
Keywords: tas tasvideos tool-assisted speedrun rockman megaman mega man videogames video games nes nintendo entertainment system
Downloads: 412
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 16 – "Duty Calls" - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
As a prologue, the episode begins with a homage to Back to the Future and Jeremy playing Rock Band. In order to make some money, Jeremy goes to a local computer shop and sells the parts that he has earned in tournaments—a practice that The_Masterer frowns upon. After selling the prizes, the pair go out for breakfast, where Kyle tries to lecture Jeremy on the value of money. On the way to T-Bag's house, Jeremy encounters a man and in a dream sequence, and they battle with Guitar Hero and Rock B...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Guitar Hero; Rock Band; Call of Duty 4
Downloads: 670
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 3 - FPS Doug - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
Jeremy begins by visiting two friends that are from "Europia or whatever" who translate messages for all the "Germanic" and "Hollandaise" fans of the show. Jeremy complains about EA, the company that develops and produces his favorite game, Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour. Jeremy expresses his disappointment that EA discontinued support for Zero Hour. Afterwards, Jeremy comes across his old friend Doug (a.k.a...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; FPS Doug; Command & Conquer; Command & Conquer: Generals
Downloads: 1,088
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 4 - Pwn or Be Pwned - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
The episode starts off with a spoof of the machinima Red vs. Blue using Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour. After this, Jeremy loses to a noob in Zero Hour and must then visit the mysterious master gamer known as Teh_Masterer. Teh_Masterer provides Jeremy the next level training, in which the student learns a valuable lesson: "If one wants to truly pwn, one must pwn in all games". A parody of Kill Bill ensues and the episode reaches its climax with an epic micro battle...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Teh_Masterer; Half-Life 2; Kill Bill; Parody
Downloads: 914
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 11 – "i - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
After reconciling, Jeremy and Anastasia spend most of their time together playing separate games in Jeremy's apartment. Later, en route to meeting Doug, Jeremy must flee from a group of enthusiastic Pure Pwnage fans. Doug reveals that he is carrying his Sega Master Light Phaser, and displays that it is functional in RL. Suddenly, teh_masterer calls Jeremy from a nearby pay phone, telling him to go to the Netherlands...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Micro; Sega Master Light Phaser; Netherlands; Hair
Downloads: 619
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 18 – "Just the Guys - Part 2" - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
On Wednesday continuing from Part 1, Jeremy is in bed looking depressed. He doesn't get up and tells Kyle to fuck off. The next day Jeremy is now under the bed covers and Kyle is trying to force Jeremy awake to make the show. Jeremy refuses at first but he says that he will only do the show under the bed covers. Kyle goes under the bed covers to film Jeremy and Jeremy farts, making Kyle disgusted. After the opening theme, he finally gets up and checks his messages...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Zero Hour; Wii Tennis; Super Smash Bros. Brawl; Mario Kart Wii
Downloads: 1,845
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 13 - "Old Habits" - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
This episode is shot in reverse order. It begins with Jeremy's younger self playing with a NES Controller and meeting Doug (who is playing with a NES Zapper). The scene is set previous to the pilot episode with Jeremy wearing his old ubergamer shirt. Kyle needs some footage for his University course and makes a deal with Jeremy to be filmed for one day, saying at the end "Nothing bad will come of it"...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Micro; C&C3; Command and Conquer; Xbox 360; Wii; EA; Headshot
Downloads: 676
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 9 - The Story of Dave - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
The beginning of the episode is a Call of Duty 2 skit, featuring FPS Doug and Jeremy playing as soldiers. They make a reference to Pulp Fiction; Doug says "[m]an, I hope you don't have a watch in your ass". Also, the skit bears a resemblance to the ending of Red vs Blue Episode 8. After the skit, Kyle decides to do an episode solely centering around Dave, because of his online popularity. The next scene involves FPS Doug receiving a new weapon from a friend of Teh_Masterer, and it parodies sever...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Call of Duty 2; Parody; Taxi Driver; Pulp Fiction
Downloads: 844
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 15 – "T-Bag"
The episode opens with a machinima of Team Fortress 2 (TF2). After this, Jeremy, Kyle and Dave attend a Gamer Army lecture by Teh_Masterer, which Jeremy finds boring. Jeremy and Kyle then visit Anastasia. Though Jeremy deleted her character, Anastasia has assumed her account was hacked, and thus is not mad - on the contrary, the time away from WoW has changed her attitude completely. Later, Jeremy excitedly prepares for the release of Halo 3 in his apartment, and then goes to the mall to purchas...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; Team Fortress 2; Gamer Army; World of Warcraft; Halo 3; Machinima
Downloads: 1,230
[movies]Pure Pwnage Episode 14 – "Lifestyles" - Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale
Episode 14 features mainly Jeremy, Dave (Dawei), Anastasia, and Kyle. It begins with Jeremy getting up early to eat the breakfast that Dave has made. Shortly after, Jeremy initiates Dave's "training" by playing Dead or Alive 4 (DOA4). Kyle argues that they are not doing anything meaningful for the show, so they reluctantly go outside to play Frisbee. Later on, as Jeremy and Kyle walk in the streets, they find themselves in a Gay Pride parade during Pride Week...
Keywords: Pure Pwnage; Video Games; C&C3; DOA4; The Burning Crusade; Cooking
Downloads: 614
[movies]Let's Play Assassin's Creed Revelations - BarackObeezy
A "Let's Play" of the game "Assassin's Creed: Revelations". I, BarackObeezy, do the gameplay and commentary. Check me out on YouTube: Available on YouTube. Not available on the LP Archive.
Keywords: Assassin's Creed; walkthrough; solution gameplay; video games; Assassin's Creed Revelations; Walkthrough; Let's Play
Downloads: 1,856 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
This is a tool-assisted speedrun.
Keywords: nes nintendo entertainment system super mario bros 3 smb3 warpless tas tasvideos tool-assisted speedrun videogames video games
Downloads: 4,601
[movies]NES G.I. Joe - The Atlantis Factor by C0DE RED in 07:40.36 This is a tool-assisted speedrun.
Keywords: GI Joe the atlantis factor by c0de red tas tasvideos tool-assisted speedrun videogames video games
Downloads: 1,108
[movies]Charlie Blast's Territory, walkthrough for the Nintendo 64 (N64). By "Teary Eyes" Anderson. - Realtime Associates Inc., Kemco, Nintendo of America, "Teary Eyes" Anderson
Charlie Blast's Territory, walkthrough for the Nintendo 64 (N64). by "Teary Eyes" Anderson. Disclaimer: This walkthrough is not endorsed or sponsored by Nintendo, Kemco, or Realtime Associates, Inc. use at your own risk. Dedicated to my brother Tony for our time spent together solving. Charlie Blast, is a hard working, low pants wearing guy, who seems to have some expertise in demolition. His main activities are looking from side to side, thumping his fists on top of each other and scratching hi...
Keywords: Charlie Blast's Territory; Charlie Blasts Territory; Charlie Blast's Challenge; Nintendo 64; N64; Video games; Videogames; Games; Strategy; Puzzle; Puzzles; Passtimes; Hobbies; Complete; Walkthrough; Walk thru; Walkthru; How to; HowTo; Solutions; Solution; Bomb Squad; Intellivision; Bombing Islands; PlayStation; Playstation; Kid Klown; Teary Eyes Anderson; Tyler Teary Eyes Anderson
Downloads: 374
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